Bachelor Thesis: Visualization of System Test Results

The thesis based on the topic “Visualization of system test results” focuses on the construction of an open-source tool that visualizes those results. The data presentation will be carried out by D3.js (JavaScript library) that offers dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. The tool should help to identify if the system meets all technical, functional, and business requirements as well as the quality standards. Moreover, it should provide a good overview of bugs and problems of the whole system because system testing is the first level in which the complete application is tested as a whole. After the construction of the tool, system test data will be simulated (or real data). These data will be used as input parameters for the tool to show stakeholders how the software is performing. The result (tool with the visualization capabilities) will be analyzed by experts, and qualitative interviews should reveal the weaknesses of the instrument. All these steps should lead to an open-source tool which can be used for the visualization of system test results in practice.

Supervisor: Michael Felderer