About Me

I am an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and a guest professor at the Department of Software Engineering at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. I am affiliated with the research group Quality Engineering. In 2014, I was a guest researcher at Lund University, Sweden, and in 2015 a guest lecturer at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. I hold a habilitation degree from the University of Innsbruck, co-authored more than 150 publications, and received 10 best paper awards.

My fields of expertise and interest include software quality, testing, software and security processes, risk management, data-driven engineering, software analytics and measurement, requirements engineering, model-based software engineering, software engineering education, and empirical research methodology in software and security engineering.

My research especially also has an empirical focus also using methods of data science and is directed towards the development and evaluation of efficient and effective methods to improve the quality and value of industrial software systems and processes in close collaboration with companies.

I have more than 15 years of industrial experience as a senior executive consultant, project manager, and software engineer. I am a co-founder of the startup QE LaB Business Services.

I am an internationally recognized member of the software engineering research community and support it as an editorial board member of several journals (e.g. IST), organizer of conferences (e.g., General Chair of SE 20 and PROFES 2017, Program Co-Chair of TechDebt 2020 and SEAA 2017, Industry Co-Chair of ESEC/FSE 2019), editor of several special issues, as well as regular PC member of premier conferences and reviewer for premier journals and funding organizations. Furthermore, I have been a member of several steering committees including ISERN, RET, TAIC PART, and PROFES (2017-2019).

I am a member of the International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN) as well as of the professional organizations ACM, GI, and OCG.

I am also an experienced educator and have taught more than 40 different courses, hold an additional teacher training degree, and have been involved in the development of new educational programs and E-Learning concepts. I have been the principal supervisor of seven PhD and more than 30 master theses.

Finally, I have given several keynotes and many invited talks at conferences, research institutions, and companies.

In my spare time, I especially enjoy reading, cycling and ski touring.

Membership in Editorial Boards of Journals

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  • I provide professional consulting services in software, data and security engineering – feel free to contact me!