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I offer many topics for bachelor, master and PhD theses in my areas of research and especially also in cooperation with companies.

If you are interested in my topics and want to do a thesis under my supervision, just contact me, it’s a pleasure for me to give you more infos!

Some students even won prizes for their thesis under my supervision or managed to publish parts of their thesis as a research paper.


For your thesis you can use the following templates:

Template for seminar papers: latexdocx
Template for bachelor or master theses: latexdocx

Completed Theses

To give you an overview, here is the list of finished theses which I supervised:


I have given courses at various universities on software engineering, software quality,  requirements engineering, programming, data engineering, security engineering, data warehousing, database technology, formal methods, model engineering, as well as algorithms and data structures. See my list of lectures in the current semester!

Below you can see two example lecture of me.

Lecture on Risk-Based Testing in Professional E-Learning Course on Large Scale Software Testing:

Lecture on Introduction to C in Student Course on Introduction to Programming (in German):